[EN] Celebration – Let’s talk about the New!


What is there to celebrate?


Well…We had a New Moon in Pisces and today Spring equinox will have its apex supervised by Ostara. Mars is in Capricorn, Venus in Aries and everything else feels so fresh. 


We will rise again with these new energies upon us. Spring is coming and by Spring we mean celebrating the New, our actions towards our dreams and later the manifestation of our dreams. We will feel recharged and ready. Ready for us and ready for the world.

Our passion and our life approach is already explosive and we are getting over the emotional phase. We feel blunt and we want things now without having any patience. With Venus in Aries, we feel vibrant, unpredictable and Mars in Capricorn is our bff (of course, until he will start to retrograde) helping us not to feel the bumps. 

Mars will have a beer with Saturn and Pluto and they will talk about trying to take over the world 🙂 so it means that we will have an impulse towards hardworking, repairing and transforming us, them, the world. We will have this power – With this amazing trio, we will have the strength for transforming the whole world!

Everything will be about work, even though we have a blunt Venus. This passion of ours will be used in order to spice things up a little and to enjoy this amount of work.

Yes, we will face challenges, but we will not be left in despair because we are now more powerful, we are pumped and we are moving towards the finish line. 

Last month we were talking about healing, about an emotional purge and the connection that we had with the others. We cried, we laughed, we were hysterical. Now we are harvesting the energy, focusing on repairing, transforming, creating. We’re more self-centered which is good a thing, because finally it’s about our core. 

Goddess Ostara also known as Eostre is the Goddess that announce the beginning of Spring and she is celebrated between the equinox and the first Full Moon. Being the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess, she symbolizes the young, fresh and passionate, she is self centered and goal oriented like the little Aries which season is about to begin. 

We will feel a massive shift in our energy and we will live in the now. The topics of this season are: energy, action, fertility, childhood and we will manage to incorporate all that in the following days. 

Let’s not forget about the negative aspects of this period which are extreme. Being careless with others is one aspect, but think about if your energy is misdirected towards destruction. Then you will have the same power of changing, ‘fixing’ things like the world 🙂 into something wrong, Be careful with yourself, with your power and don’t forget to be kind to others. Help them in their times of need and consider volunteering because you will challenge yourself.

We love challenges this season. We are big, strong and we can do it. 


You’ll thank us later for this post. 😀

Celebrate yourself! 


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