New Moon in Cancer and Sun Eclipse – The Magic of our Emotions under the Moon’s umbrella

This year’s Summer Eclipses begin with this unique New Moon, and the Sun Eclipse on July 2nd, at 19:22 UTC is very important. We’ll also have a Moon Eclipse in Capricorn, but we’ll take them one at a time.

New Moon is a celebration because it has the gift of enhancing our intentions and throwing us on the path of their manifestation. The Sun Eclipse will set and initiate the theme of Lunar Nodes.

Firstly, all the energy of Cancer will be amplified, and our collective mission will be activated and we will surely feel it in our bones.

Secondly, the Moon governs Cancer, but also our emotional body. The Moon is the Mother Goddess who can balance our feminine energy. With this occasion we can create our Sacred Space or our safe space in which we will connect with ourselves and with our High Self ready to receive our mission.

The process won’t be easy

We will go through many unprocessed emotions during this Eclipse. Many unhealed aspects and emotions that we have suppressed will resurface. We will stop hurting the divine feminine by finding a safe area to empty ourselves from those feelings. Our inner child will be spoiled and we have to let him be spoiled.

Forgotten memories will resurface also and we will weep to them. We want to let go of firm structures in order to establish our harmony and to feel our potential. We will begin to shape our own vision of ourselves and we will begin to know ourselves better. This is because the feminine energy is released with this Eclipse.

Now we want to be in the spotlight, we need our tribe and in fact, our real need is the human connection. Connecting with others and connecting with ourselves. When we learn to be indulgent with ourselves and proud of our inner child, then we will be able to connect with others in a real way. We need understanding and until we will be balanced, a lot will happen between our inner dynamics and our dynamics with others.

We will have support

We will finally feel that we will have some support. Whether it’s from those who can understand us, or whether it’s from our spiritual guides. We feel that we’re going back to our roots, seeking without being aware, a connection with our ancestors and traditions and everything that seem to us much closer to nature. We connect with our own magic and with our own rituals to be closer to Divinity.

Cancer urges us towards matriarchal tradition, towards emotional expression, towards matriarchy. Cancer also urges us to feed our emotional needs and to reach stability and femininity.

We want that through our rituals to redefine notions of normality and to validate our emotions. Most people will understand that reaching to a counselor, therapist or astrologer is very normal in their process.

Our expression will be abrupt due to discouragement and repression, and then we will gradually have to grow ourselves to that much dreamed balance.

Pluto and Saturn continue to redefine rules and structures, and Uranus is in good relationship with them. This means that he will helps us to have steady visions of the future.

Mercury will soon be retrograde and we will have to take a holiday from everything because this initiation and activation of our mission will continue with the rumination of each feeling, with healing and release. We need to talk constantly about what we are feeling.

It will be important to take a break from logic, reason and let go of control to be in accordance with the Divinity.


As souls, we have come here for this moment, where the path to our collective mission is so aligned with the actual mission. We have no excuse to go around this. Now is the time to unite with a soul family who support us. We will finally be able to attract the right people around us. This moment is unique because we will have a clear vision of what we were born to be. If we are also on the path of healing, we will see ourselves clearly breaking the barriers by discovering our own unique talent. We will see how we can complete the collective puzzle in order to reach our collective mission.

Everyone has their own magic and their own signature. We are unique, and we will focus on this uniqueness. The concept of leader will have another connotation. There will be no more “flocks” and it is about time to be leaders in our own lives.

We can create our own ritual

The Sun Eclipse comes as a Divine aid for the manifestation of our intentions. We can create a Sacred space by building our altar dedicated to the Goddess, the Moon and the Divine Feminine. We can choose the Goddess we usually resonate with or the one which the energy is needed in order to help us in the next steps of the mission.

We will purify the space with Palo Santo, Sage or resins and we can make a Tourmaline circle in which we can stand to be protected. At 19:12 UTC we will put our intentions in a practical form to reach our goals and we can meditate on them invoking the Goddess.


Have a beautiful Moon!


Photo: Joanna Malinowska


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